Friday, September 9, 2011

Sierra Wireless AirLink™ RavenX 714-922-1140

Rugged, Intelligent 3G Gateway

Powerful, 3G Networking Device

The Raven X is a powerful wireless networking device designed to leverage today's 3G networks. Its high-speed Ethernet port makes the Raven X ideal for various enterprise applications, while the serial port and embedded machine protocols make it equally suited for industrial deployments. IPsec VPN provides security for the most sensitive data.

Powered by ALEOS™ and managed by the AirLink software suite the Raven X allows customer to simply deploy and mange a wide array of remote applications.

Embedded with ALEOS™  intelligence, the Raven X can simply be deployed and managed for a wide array of industrial and enterprise solutions.

Always-on broadband connection to critical data applications:

    * Wireless networking
    * Retail / Point-of-Sale
    * Vending / Kiosks
    * Multimedia
    * Remote monitoring and control


    * Embedded ALEOS Intelligence
    * Remote Management
    * Class I Div 2 certified
    * Embedded Machine Protocols
    * Externally accessible SIM card- HSUPA version
    * Serial and Ethernet interfaces
    * 3-Year warranty
    * Data Security



    * Connection management and remote configuration
    * Lowers total cost of ownership
    * Approved for use in hazardous environments
    * Seamless integration with legacy equipment
    * Simplifies provisioning and set-up
    * Flexible integration

Click here for current pricings and to purchase:

H4225-CA AirLink RavenX AC Power ATT Version
H4225-CD AirLink Raven X DC Power ATT Version

V4228-SA Airlink RavenX AC Power Sprint Version
V4228-SD Airlink RavenX DC Power Sprint Version

V4221-VA AirLink RavenX AC Power Verizon
V4228-VD AirLink RavenX DC Power Verizon

Thursday, August 11, 2011

EPSON TM-T88V Energy Star Receipt Printer T88V

  • EPSON T88V Save 30% on Paper Usage
  • Industry-leading environmental performance and print quality

  • World-beating durability

  • Amazingly low power consumption

  • Better environmental performance and lower costs

  • Environmental impacts across the life cycle


  • Reduce your paper usage by 30% 

     The paper-saving features of the TM-T88V also enhance the printer's environmental performance. An auto paper-saving feature automatically reduces line spacing and barcode height without requiring changes to the customer's application program. Even more paper is saved by shrinking the top and bottom margins of receipts. This is accomplished by printing a logo at the top of the next receipt before the previous receipt is cut. Combined, these features enable the TM-T88V to reduce paper use by up to 30% compared to its predecessor. The paper savings translate not only into a smaller environmental footprint for retailers but also substantially lower running costs.
  •  Save Time and Energy

    Find out more information and order Epson T88V here!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Zebra and Posiflex - Are you looking for a Low-Cost Self-Service Kiosk Solution?

You found it!

An innovative, off-the-shelf, all-in-one kiosk solution,the Zebra Kiosk Print Station, combined with a Posiflex® KS7317 17" touchscreen terminal, makes it easy and affordable to bring the benefits of self-service
  • Like improved sales
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Reduced costs for your business.

The Zebra Kiosk Print Station accessory accommodates a Zebra® KR203 kiosk printer, a roll of Zebra media and a Posiflex 17" KS7317 touch screen terminal to form a complete,economical alternative to expensive custom kiosks. Simply add software to complete the solution.

Quick and Easy to Integrate-Integrates all the kiosk hardware components into an easy-to- install device that simply mounts to a wall or pole.

Easy to Afford-Its low cost results in rapid ROI, so even smaller businesses can reap benefits of self-service kiosks.• Flexible Media Options-The Zebra Kiosk Print Station supports up to 6"media roll,and widths of 2.3"/58 mm to 3.25"/82.5 mm.

Maximum Touch Terminal Uptime: Posiflex with over 30 patents forinnovation provides years of trouble-free operation.

Choice of Touch Terminal Options: Resistive for normal use or infared touch for high-traffic applications.• Convenient Card Reader Options-Available with or without biometric fingerprint authentication for reading credit or identification cards.

Durable and Secure:  Sturdy metal lockable enclosure securely holds the printer and media.A kiosk Posiflex computer securely fastens to the unit-protecting all components from tampering and tough retail environments.

Easy to Service: Enclosure opens completely to provide easy access for quick media changes and service.

We have 3 different bundles put together for you:

  1. Posiflex and Zebra Bundle, Kiosk Print Station, All in One Terminal, without MSR
  2. Posiflex and Zebra Bundle, Kiosk Print Station, All in One Terminal, with 2 Track MSR
  3. Posiflex and Zebra Bundle, Kiosk Print Station, All in One Terminal, with Biometric MSR
Call us for more information and to order: 714-922-1140

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What device can I use so I never lose my credit card connection again? AirLink HelixRT as land line backup or primary connect!

AirLink HelixRT Commercial 3G Router

A 3G router equipped with WAN failover and Wi-Fi access point option that simplifies wireless commercial network deployments.

•Business continuity / WAN failover
•PCI compliant retail / point-of-sale (POS)
•Disaster recovery
•Wireline replacement
•Temporary connectivity


•Security (IPsec VPN, DMZ, firewall)
•Automatic failover between 3G and wired WAN
•Embedded 3G module
•Support for USB modems
•802.11 b/g Wi-Fi (optional)
•3-Year warranty
ALEOS embedded intelligence
•Remote management
• Simplified installation and management
•Intelligent failover prevents downtime
•Remote management minimizes field visits
•Low total cost of ownership
•Data security for peace of mind
•Durable design increases flexibility

Here are the different models:

AT&T Models:

LAN Only

LAN and WiFi

Verizon Models:

LAN Only

LAN and WiFi

Sprint Models:

LAN Only

LAN and WiFi


Backup Connectivity

The Helix RT can provide business continuity for any office location,
ensuring connectivity even in the event of wireline failure. Dynamic
WAN failover detects when primary connectivity is unavailable and
automatically switches to the embedded cellular modem inside
the Helix RT to ensure no disruption of the business. With ALEOS™
intelligence, the Helix RT continues to monitor the health of the
primary connection and switches back as soon as connectivity
is restored. Automatic failover translates into minimal downtime,
increased productivity and higher customer satisfaction.

Primary Connectivity

Running or installing DSL and cable connections is costly and
inconvenient. The Helix RT quickly and easily deploys with reliable
connectivity where cellular coverage is available. This device is ideal for
deployments that require highspeed, secure data connectivity forgroups of point-of-sale terminals,ATMs, signs or any other devicewith Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Looking for a Signature Pad, Topaz SigLite 1x5 T-S460-HSB-R

Topaz SigLite 1x5 Signature Pad

The Topaz SigLite™ signature capture touchpad is designed to be both space- and costefficient.
The touchpad sensor reads the pressure of the stylus tip and transmits signature
data to the computer at high speed for an easy, accurate electronic signature. SigLite
boasts the additional value of Topaz’s powerful bundled software tools and support,
including ActiveX, Java, a shared C library, .NET assembly, and MS Office and Adobe
Acrobat plug-ins. Examples and software plug-ins are bundled with the tablet.

Use this coupon code to Save another $5 off our already low price: SigLite$5

Topaz SigLite T-S460-HSB-R

Honeywell Xenon 1900 2D Scanner - 714-922-1140

Honeywell Xenon 1900 Image Area Scanner

Xenon 1900, Honeywell’s sixth-generation of area-imaging technology, is redefining the standard for hand-held scanners. Featuring a custom sensor that is optimized for bar code scanning, Xenon 1900 offers industry-leading performance and reliability for a wide variety of applications that require the versatility of area-imaging technology. A revolutionary decoding architecture that combines Adaptus® Imaging Technology 5.5 and Omniplanar’s SwiftDecoder® software enables extended depth of field, faster reading, and improved scanning performance on poor quality bar codes.

1900GSR-2USB Honeywell USB Kit; SR Focus, Black, USB Type A Straight Cable

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Looking To Scan Mobile Phone Coupons? Honeywell Genesis 7580

Honeywell Genesis™  Making the scanning of Mobile Coupons Easy!

Honeywell’s GenesisTM 7580, the world’s first presentation area-imaging scanner engineered to decode all standard 1D, PDF and 2D codes, provides enhanced productivity and revolutionary imaging technology in an elegant, yet durable design.

The 7580 is redefining industry standards for imaging solutions. Breakthrough performance and a versatile form factor make this product suitable for environments ranging from manufacturing to healthcare to retail POS.

Patented CodeGate® technology along with an activation button support menu-scanning and other targeted-scanning applications. Unlike other scanners with multiple on-board interfaces, the 7580 has four dedicated memory banks—each one capable of storing full configuration settings for RS232, keyboard wedge, USB and 46xx RS485 interfaces.

Automatic cable detection and configuration simplifies migration to a new interface by eliminating the need to scan programming bar codes. Three additional patented technologies augment the 7580’sunmatched feature set:

Shielded LEDs minimize the intense flashing common among other area imagers.
CodeSelectTM allows the 7580 to capture up to seven bar codes in a single flash and output data in any predetermined order.
TotalFreedom® expands scanner functionality by allowing formatting, parsing and decoding plug-ins to be loaded directly to the 7580 instead of the host system.

Check out how easy it is to scan mobile coupons. Play this video.

Here are some of the most popular models.

MK7580-30B38-02-A Honeywell, MS7580 Genesis Scanner, USB Kit, Black Supply,Power Supply, USB Cable
MK7580-30A38-12-A Honeywell, MS7580 Genesis,Scanner,EASYID,USB KBW EM, Metallic Gray,USB Cable

Friday, March 18, 2011

Looking for Greenhouse Management Software? 714-922-1140 Picas

Picas The Leading Greenhouse Management Software.

Greenhouse Production Software

The leading Greenhouse Management software package for the floriculture and horticulture industries.  As your technology partner, we offer top quality software that will meet every requirement of your business operations and keep you ahead of your competition.  Your business success is our ultimate goal.

Learn how we can help your business: Innovative Software Solutions presents Picas

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Looking for Medical Spa POS Software? Mack Software

Simplified Solutions for yours business


Software specifically designed for the Medical Spa industry
Scheduling and Point of Sale system for the Medical Spa Industry packed with features your customers will appreciate including signature capture, discharge instructions and reminder cards. This package can also be used in day spas


Electronic Charting Module
Create customized charts, put annotations on your drawings, enter chart information and sign your charts. Create client quotes for recommended services and/or products.


Software for small salons and day spas
Single user version of mSPA allowing up to 7 rooms with some limited features
Software for small salons and day spas
Single user version of mSPA allowing up to 7 rooms with some limited features

For more information follow link:Mack Software Solutions

Looking for cordless healthcare scanner? 714-922-1140 Motorola DS6878

Motorola DS6878-HC
Cordless 2D imager for healthcare applications
Prevent medical errors, improve patient safety and increase caregiver productivity
The DS6878-HC cordless imager from Motorola enables hospitals to automate data capture, improve data accuracy, increase productivity and streamline everyday processes in patient rooms, admitting, laboratories and the pharmacy. Its matchless feature set meets the unique requirements of healthcare facilities. An intuitive and ergonomic design combines with dependable and rapid capture of bar codes and other images, allowing caregivers to remain focused on the patient — not the technology. The DS6878-HC is easy to install virtually anywhere inside the hospital environment — the flexible base options enable easy mounting horizontally or vertically on walls, cabinets and workstations. Cordless freedom via Bluetooth allows users to easily move to the bar code, eliminating the hazards associated with cables as well as the need to disturb or inconvenience patients, while offering the flexibility required for rapid data capture in emergency situations. And with the ability to charge the scanner over the USB cable, the need for a separate power supply and the management headaches associated with mounting a cordless scanner to a computer or workstation on wheels (COW or WOW) are eliminated.
Comprehensive high-performance data capture for a world of healthcare applications
The ability to capture any 1D or 2D bar code as well as signatures, documents, still photographs and video enables this single device to error-proof and simplify many processes throughout your facility —from medication administration to specimen collection, admitting, and inventory and dietary management. Built on Motorola’s revolutionary SE4500 scan engine, the DS878-HC re-defines imaging technology, offering easy first-time capture of any type of data through: laser-like performance on 1D and 2D bar codes; an intuitive aiming pattern; scanning in any type of lighting; the ability to capture even poor quality and damaged bar codes; and full omnidirectional scanning, eliminating the need to precisely align bar code and imager.
Disinfectant-ready design prevents the spread of germs
The DS6878-HC is designed specifically to help protect patients and caregivers against dangerous and deadly illnesses. IP43 sealing and specially selected plastics that utilize proprietary molding technologies create a hygenic design that allows safe wipe-downs and sanitizing with bleach, alcohol, soap and water and more — without harming the housing or the sensitive scanning components.

For more information and to order: DS6878-TCBU0100ZWR

Monday, March 14, 2011

Honeywell Voyager 1200g Scanner 714-922-1140

Honeywell Voyager 1200g Scanner
Single-Line Laser Scanner

Built on the platform of the world’s best-selling single-line laser scanner, Honeywell’s Voyager® 1200g delivers aggressive scan performance on virtually all linear bar codes, including poor quality and damaged codes. Updated object detection, and automatic in-stand detection and configuration enable class-leading presentation scanning that maximizes throughput. Superior scan performance matched with a reliable design combine to provide a versatile linear scanning solution.

If you have questions like:
  • What is the latest 1D Single-Line Scanner?
  • What scanner can I use to replace my old MS9500,MS9520,or MS9540 unit?  
  • What scanner can I use that will read smudged and hard to read 1D barcodes?   
The answer to all of these is the new:

Honeywell Voyager 1200g Scanner
Single-Line Laser Scanner

Here are some of the features and benefits of the Honeywell Voyager 1200g

  • Superior out-of-box experience simplifies set up with tool-free stand assembly; automatic in-stand detection and configuration; and automatic interface detection and configuration
  • Contemporary, ergonomic design ensures operator comfort and productivity by incorporating an integrated finger groove in a sleek, lightweight industrial design that fits well in most hands
  • CodeGate® technology enables users to ensure that the desired bar code is scanned before transmitting data, making the scanner ideal for use in menu scanning applications
  • Multi-interface design minimizes costs by delivering support for USB, keyboard wedge, and RS232 interfaces in a single scanner

Honeywell-Metrologic Voyager 1200g Scanner Black(P/N 1200G-2USB-1)

Datamax-O'Neil E-Class Mark III Printers 714-922-1140

Datamax O'Neil E-Class Mark III Desktop Bar Code Printers
The E-Class Mark III is a family of compact desktop thermal printers that are designed for a wide variety of industries and applications that require a reliable and cost effective barcode printer. Datamax-O’Neil applied its industrial printer expertise to provide customers with an entry level printer that has the features and reliability normally found in more expensive printers. The E-Class Mark III is affordable to own, easy to use and economical to operate.

We’ve made the E-Class Mark III easy to use with quick loading media and an interactive LCD screen. Users will also notice a substantial reduction in their daily operational costs thanks to the E-Class Mark III’s larger media and ribbon roll capacity. The E-Class Mark III is one of the best values on the market. It is competitively priced with a proven design and reliable performance that will continue to operate long after other printers have failed.

Your Benefits

 Affordable to Own: The E-Class Mark III was carefully designed to maximize your investment value by offering a competitive purchase price, double walled construction for increased durability and a proven  design for long term reliability.
Easy to Use: The E-Class Mark III makes it easy to replace existing printers or install new ones with popular language emulations included with each printer and a selection of connectivity options. Users will apreciate the easy-to-use LCD screen and quick              loading  media/ribbon.
 Economical to Operate: The E-Clas Mark III reduces daily operational costs by minimizing power consumption, and reducing the costs associated with printer consumables such as labels and ribbons.

Basic Model:
E-4204B (203dpi)
E-4304B (300dpi)
The Basic model meets the needs of the most popular bar coding applications. USB and serial ports are included as standard features. Optional 300dpi, thermal transfer and label peeler are also available.

Advanced Model:
E-4205A (203dpi)
E-4305A (300dpi)
The Advanced model is for applications that need networking communications, faster print speed, or special media compatibility. The Advanced model includes all the features and options of the Basic, plus it includes parallel and Ethernet communications ports, a positionable media indexing sensor and prints at up to 5 inches per second.

Professional Model:
E-4206P (203dpi)
E-4305P (300dpi)
The Professional model is for sophisticated applications that require a higher level of interface capabilities, higher performance, and wireless communications. It features a graphical display with a navigational menu interface, real time clock, audible alarm, USB host connectivity, faster print speed, and optional wireless LAN and Bluetooth communications.

Professional+ Model: 
E-4206L (203dpi)
E-4305L (300dpi)
The Professional+ model is for applications that require a large internal media capacity. The Professional+ has all the features of the Professional, including a large internal roll, internal fan folded media, and a optional cabinet lock.

Check out the new Datamax-O'Neil E-Class Printers for more information call us at 714-922-1140

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

PioneerPOS CarisTouch All-In-One for Healthcare 714-922-1140

PioneerPOS New CarisTouch All in One for Healthcare.

The CarisTouch is a state-of-the-art All-in-one touchscreen computer, designed specifically for the healthcare applications. Powered by Intel, its rugged design allows the CarisTouch to withstand the harsh and demanding healthcare environments. Every CarisTouch screen is built to protect against liquid sprays, and can withstand millions of touches. Its enclosure contains an anti-microbial additive to prevent the growth and spread of surface micro-organisms and bacteria.

In order to help comply with HIPAA requirements, the CarisTouch is equipped to protect patients' personal and confidential information. Its innovative design allows a privacy screen filter to be embedded internally, allowing only the person standing in front of the screen to see the information, concealing views from other angles. By embedding the privacy filter, the CarisTouch eliminates the need to regularly clean the privacy filter from fingerprints and possible scratches.

The CarisTouch is a versatile All-in-one. It can be configured as a diskless thin client, running applications off the server. It also has the processing power to run complex applications under Windows or Linux. With plenty of Serial and USB ports available, the CarisTouch allows seamless integration of many devices, such as badge reader, biometric reader, proximity reader, barcode scanner, and wireless network.

The CarisTouch has a longer shelf-life than many other All-in-ones, therefore allowing large enterprise roll-outs to install the same CarisTouch model over a number of years. This committment will reduce the deployment and support overheads, and allows our customers reduce the total cost of ownership of the equipments.

Here are some of the most poplar models:

CarisTouch  17", Touchscreen, Intel Gigabit LAN, 4 Serial, 6 USB, Wallmount/VESA 75 bracket, 110-220V


Q11-ED25XR-Z2     Privacy Screen (built-in), Atom 1.6GHz, 2GB memory, 80GB Hard Drive, XP Prof , Intel RF 802.11 a/g/n
Q11-EP25XR-Z1     Intel Atom 1.6GHz, 2GB memory, 80GB Hard Drive, Windows XP Prof SP3

PioneerPOS CarisTouch Accessories: 

ID Badge Reader

46W-BRU000 Barcode Swipe

Fingerprint Combo

 46W-D21F01 with Mag. Stripe
 46W-BRUF02 with Barcode Swipe

Proximity (HID) Reader


For more information call us or drop us a line. 714-922-1140

Friday, February 4, 2011

CognitiveTPG A799 Receipt Printer (Formerly Axiohm)

CognitiveTPG A799 Printer (Formerly Axiohm Printers)
Single Station Thermal Receipt Printers

Thermal receipt printers are now the first choice in Point of Sale printing because of their high speed, reliable performance, and low total cost of ownership. Ideal for high-volume printing found in retail, grocery, convenience, banking and hospitality environments. Our A799 Two Color Single Station Printers run at top-of-class speeds, with industry-leading durability and best price/performance value. CognitiveTPG has over 1 million thermal receipt printers in operation around the world. Now they come with a 4 year warranty.

Upgrade your Axiohm A794 to CognitiveTPG A799. 

A794-2105-0050-S  A799-120D-TD00
 A794-2105-0057-S  A799-120D-TD00
 A794-2105-0062-S   A799-120P-TD00
 A794-2205-0053-S  A799-220D-TD00
 A794-2205-0066-S  A799-220D-TD00
 A794-2205-0072-S  A799-220P-TD00
 A794-2905-0009-S  A799-720D-TD00
 A794-2905-0011  A799-720S-TD00
  A794-2905-TD03  A799-720D-TD00
A794-7105-0073-S  A799-120E-TD00
A794-7105-0074   A799-120E-TN00
A794-7205-0074-S A799-220E-TD00

4 Year Warranty

Here is a link to Axiohm A794 Drivers
Here is a link to CognitiveTPG A799 Drivers

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

15" Touch Monitor from PioneerPOS $325.93 1M1000R2B1 714-922-1140

PioneerPOS TOM-M5 1M1000R2B1 15" Touchscreen Monitor

The TOM-M5 is more than a touch monitor. Designed specifically for touch applications, the TOM-M5 sits on a sturdy base and is sealed against spills. It has built-in self-powered USB ports that allow additional devices to be integrated neatly, without extra cables or power supplies. Add-on devices include magnetic card readers, barcode slot readers, fingerprint readers, and rear customer displays.

TOM-M5's Advantages:

    * Sturdy base and spill resistant.
    *  Touchscreen technology : Resistive,
    * Built-in USB hub to provide 4 extra USB ports for easy connection to your keyboard, barcode scanner, printer.
    * Also available as All-in-one Touchcomputer.

Ideal for restaurant/bar/retail point-of-sale, data capture, industrial control, gaming, kiosk application

More Information: PioneerPOS TOM-M5 1M000R2B1 $325.93

Posiflex POS (Point of Sale) Fan-freeTerminal


KS6800 Series Terminal
  •  Superior Fan-Free reliability
  •   Small attractive footprint
  •  12" Touch Screen displays
  •   Bright LED Backlight