Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Looking for a Signature Pad, Topaz SigLite 1x5 T-S460-HSB-R

Topaz SigLite 1x5 Signature Pad

The Topaz SigLite™ signature capture touchpad is designed to be both space- and costefficient.
The touchpad sensor reads the pressure of the stylus tip and transmits signature
data to the computer at high speed for an easy, accurate electronic signature. SigLite
boasts the additional value of Topaz’s powerful bundled software tools and support,
including ActiveX, Java, a shared C library, .NET assembly, and MS Office and Adobe
Acrobat plug-ins. Examples and software plug-ins are bundled with the tablet.

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Topaz SigLite T-S460-HSB-R

Honeywell Xenon 1900 2D Scanner - 714-922-1140

Honeywell Xenon 1900 Image Area Scanner

Xenon 1900, Honeywell’s sixth-generation of area-imaging technology, is redefining the standard for hand-held scanners. Featuring a custom sensor that is optimized for bar code scanning, Xenon 1900 offers industry-leading performance and reliability for a wide variety of applications that require the versatility of area-imaging technology. A revolutionary decoding architecture that combines Adaptus® Imaging Technology 5.5 and Omniplanar’s SwiftDecoder® software enables extended depth of field, faster reading, and improved scanning performance on poor quality bar codes.

1900GSR-2USB Honeywell USB Kit; SR Focus, Black, USB Type A Straight Cable