Friday, September 9, 2011

Sierra Wireless AirLink™ RavenX 714-922-1140

Rugged, Intelligent 3G Gateway

Powerful, 3G Networking Device

The Raven X is a powerful wireless networking device designed to leverage today's 3G networks. Its high-speed Ethernet port makes the Raven X ideal for various enterprise applications, while the serial port and embedded machine protocols make it equally suited for industrial deployments. IPsec VPN provides security for the most sensitive data.

Powered by ALEOS™ and managed by the AirLink software suite the Raven X allows customer to simply deploy and mange a wide array of remote applications.

Embedded with ALEOS™  intelligence, the Raven X can simply be deployed and managed for a wide array of industrial and enterprise solutions.

Always-on broadband connection to critical data applications:

    * Wireless networking
    * Retail / Point-of-Sale
    * Vending / Kiosks
    * Multimedia
    * Remote monitoring and control


    * Embedded ALEOS Intelligence
    * Remote Management
    * Class I Div 2 certified
    * Embedded Machine Protocols
    * Externally accessible SIM card- HSUPA version
    * Serial and Ethernet interfaces
    * 3-Year warranty
    * Data Security



    * Connection management and remote configuration
    * Lowers total cost of ownership
    * Approved for use in hazardous environments
    * Seamless integration with legacy equipment
    * Simplifies provisioning and set-up
    * Flexible integration

Click here for current pricings and to purchase:

H4225-CA AirLink RavenX AC Power ATT Version
H4225-CD AirLink Raven X DC Power ATT Version

V4228-SA Airlink RavenX AC Power Sprint Version
V4228-SD Airlink RavenX DC Power Sprint Version

V4221-VA AirLink RavenX AC Power Verizon
V4228-VD AirLink RavenX DC Power Verizon


  1. What GSM Modem interface does Raven support?

  2. Thanks for reviews. Try UK Euro AV products for your internet services these are also good in use. I Am also using its products.