Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What device can I use so I never lose my credit card connection again? AirLink HelixRT as land line backup or primary connect!

AirLink HelixRT Commercial 3G Router

A 3G router equipped with WAN failover and Wi-Fi access point option that simplifies wireless commercial network deployments.

•Business continuity / WAN failover
•PCI compliant retail / point-of-sale (POS)
•Disaster recovery
•Wireline replacement
•Temporary connectivity


•Security (IPsec VPN, DMZ, firewall)
•Automatic failover between 3G and wired WAN
•Embedded 3G module
•Support for USB modems
•802.11 b/g Wi-Fi (optional)
•3-Year warranty
ALEOS embedded intelligence
•Remote management
• Simplified installation and management
•Intelligent failover prevents downtime
•Remote management minimizes field visits
•Low total cost of ownership
•Data security for peace of mind
•Durable design increases flexibility

Here are the different models:

AT&T Models:

LAN Only

LAN and WiFi

Verizon Models:

LAN Only

LAN and WiFi

Sprint Models:

LAN Only

LAN and WiFi


Backup Connectivity

The Helix RT can provide business continuity for any office location,
ensuring connectivity even in the event of wireline failure. Dynamic
WAN failover detects when primary connectivity is unavailable and
automatically switches to the embedded cellular modem inside
the Helix RT to ensure no disruption of the business. With ALEOS™
intelligence, the Helix RT continues to monitor the health of the
primary connection and switches back as soon as connectivity
is restored. Automatic failover translates into minimal downtime,
increased productivity and higher customer satisfaction.

Primary Connectivity

Running or installing DSL and cable connections is costly and
inconvenient. The Helix RT quickly and easily deploys with reliable
connectivity where cellular coverage is available. This device is ideal for
deployments that require highspeed, secure data connectivity forgroups of point-of-sale terminals,ATMs, signs or any other devicewith Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

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