Tuesday, February 22, 2011

PioneerPOS CarisTouch All-In-One for Healthcare 714-922-1140

PioneerPOS New CarisTouch All in One for Healthcare.

The CarisTouch is a state-of-the-art All-in-one touchscreen computer, designed specifically for the healthcare applications. Powered by Intel, its rugged design allows the CarisTouch to withstand the harsh and demanding healthcare environments. Every CarisTouch screen is built to protect against liquid sprays, and can withstand millions of touches. Its enclosure contains an anti-microbial additive to prevent the growth and spread of surface micro-organisms and bacteria.

In order to help comply with HIPAA requirements, the CarisTouch is equipped to protect patients' personal and confidential information. Its innovative design allows a privacy screen filter to be embedded internally, allowing only the person standing in front of the screen to see the information, concealing views from other angles. By embedding the privacy filter, the CarisTouch eliminates the need to regularly clean the privacy filter from fingerprints and possible scratches.

The CarisTouch is a versatile All-in-one. It can be configured as a diskless thin client, running applications off the server. It also has the processing power to run complex applications under Windows or Linux. With plenty of Serial and USB ports available, the CarisTouch allows seamless integration of many devices, such as badge reader, biometric reader, proximity reader, barcode scanner, and wireless network.

The CarisTouch has a longer shelf-life than many other All-in-ones, therefore allowing large enterprise roll-outs to install the same CarisTouch model over a number of years. This committment will reduce the deployment and support overheads, and allows our customers reduce the total cost of ownership of the equipments.

Here are some of the most poplar models:

CarisTouch  17", Touchscreen, Intel Gigabit LAN, 4 Serial, 6 USB, Wallmount/VESA 75 bracket, 110-220V


Q11-ED25XR-Z2     Privacy Screen (built-in), Atom 1.6GHz, 2GB memory, 80GB Hard Drive, XP Prof , Intel RF 802.11 a/g/n
Q11-EP25XR-Z1     Intel Atom 1.6GHz, 2GB memory, 80GB Hard Drive, Windows XP Prof SP3

PioneerPOS CarisTouch Accessories: 

ID Badge Reader

46W-BRU000 Barcode Swipe

Fingerprint Combo

 46W-D21F01 with Mag. Stripe
 46W-BRUF02 with Barcode Swipe

Proximity (HID) Reader


For more information call us or drop us a line. 714-922-1140 sales@possavings.com

Friday, February 4, 2011

CognitiveTPG A799 Receipt Printer (Formerly Axiohm)

CognitiveTPG A799 Printer (Formerly Axiohm Printers)
Single Station Thermal Receipt Printers

Thermal receipt printers are now the first choice in Point of Sale printing because of their high speed, reliable performance, and low total cost of ownership. Ideal for high-volume printing found in retail, grocery, convenience, banking and hospitality environments. Our A799 Two Color Single Station Printers run at top-of-class speeds, with industry-leading durability and best price/performance value. CognitiveTPG has over 1 million thermal receipt printers in operation around the world. Now they come with a 4 year warranty.

Upgrade your Axiohm A794 to CognitiveTPG A799. 

A794-2105-0050-S  A799-120D-TD00
 A794-2105-0057-S  A799-120D-TD00
 A794-2105-0062-S   A799-120P-TD00
 A794-2205-0053-S  A799-220D-TD00
 A794-2205-0066-S  A799-220D-TD00
 A794-2205-0072-S  A799-220P-TD00
 A794-2905-0009-S  A799-720D-TD00
 A794-2905-0011  A799-720S-TD00
  A794-2905-TD03  A799-720D-TD00
A794-7105-0073-S  A799-120E-TD00
A794-7105-0074   A799-120E-TN00
A794-7205-0074-S A799-220E-TD00

4 Year Warranty

Here is a link to Axiohm A794 Drivers
Here is a link to CognitiveTPG A799 Drivers

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

15" Touch Monitor from PioneerPOS $325.93 1M1000R2B1 714-922-1140

PioneerPOS TOM-M5 1M1000R2B1 15" Touchscreen Monitor

The TOM-M5 is more than a touch monitor. Designed specifically for touch applications, the TOM-M5 sits on a sturdy base and is sealed against spills. It has built-in self-powered USB ports that allow additional devices to be integrated neatly, without extra cables or power supplies. Add-on devices include magnetic card readers, barcode slot readers, fingerprint readers, and rear customer displays.

TOM-M5's Advantages:

    * Sturdy base and spill resistant.
    *  Touchscreen technology : Resistive,
    * Built-in USB hub to provide 4 extra USB ports for easy connection to your keyboard, barcode scanner, printer.
    * Also available as All-in-one Touchcomputer.

Ideal for restaurant/bar/retail point-of-sale, data capture, industrial control, gaming, kiosk application

More Information: PioneerPOS TOM-M5 1M000R2B1 $325.93

Posiflex POS (Point of Sale) Fan-freeTerminal


KS6800 Series Terminal
  •  Superior Fan-Free reliability
  •   Small attractive footprint
  •  12" Touch Screen displays
  •   Bright LED Backlight