Thursday, August 11, 2011

EPSON TM-T88V Energy Star Receipt Printer T88V

  • EPSON T88V Save 30% on Paper Usage
  • Industry-leading environmental performance and print quality

  • World-beating durability

  • Amazingly low power consumption

  • Better environmental performance and lower costs

  • Environmental impacts across the life cycle


  • Reduce your paper usage by 30% 

     The paper-saving features of the TM-T88V also enhance the printer's environmental performance. An auto paper-saving feature automatically reduces line spacing and barcode height without requiring changes to the customer's application program. Even more paper is saved by shrinking the top and bottom margins of receipts. This is accomplished by printing a logo at the top of the next receipt before the previous receipt is cut. Combined, these features enable the TM-T88V to reduce paper use by up to 30% compared to its predecessor. The paper savings translate not only into a smaller environmental footprint for retailers but also substantially lower running costs.
  •  Save Time and Energy

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