Friday, March 12, 2010

Cognitive TPG A794 Direct Thermal Receipt Printers

Cognitive TPG A794 Direct Thermal Receipt Printers

**NOTE:  Product Discontinued as of January 1, 2009 The A794 models will be fully supported with spare parts and service for a three-year period. For a current printer that will replace your A794 look at the migration table;

Cognitive TPG A799
The Champion of Full-Featured POS Printers
The A799 is the latest single station printer innovation from CognitiveTPG and  the “champion” of the single station thermal receipt printer line. The A799 is packed full of features and unique selling points that are unmatched in the market.

Versatile Modular Configuration
The modular design allows for quick factory configuration which translates into faster delivery times and lower costs. The A799 is also backward compatible with earlier models such as the A793, A794, and A795 as well as other competitor brands.

Designed with the Actual POS Environment in Mind
The built in liquid dam and gutter actually deflect and drain spills and help prevent damage to the printing mechanism and board.

Easy and Simple to Use
The A799 ships with an installation CD, power supply and power cords at no extra charge for an improved out of the box experience.  Additionally, the A799 easy load process makes it a simple, user friendly printer.

Expanded Marketing and Customer Loyalty
Receiptware™ Receipt Marketing Management ships with every printer allowing you to turn every receipt into a promotional and customer loyalty tool.  Add store logos, offer promotions, highlight sales items, print coupons, the opportunities are never-ending.

For more information click here: Cogintive TPG A799

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