Monday, May 3, 2010

Topaz ClipGem Legal and Letter Size

ClipGem is an electronic clipboard and signature capture pad that supports simultaneous electronic and ink-on-paper recording of signatures. Available in both letter- and legal-sizes, ClipGem is an excellent choice for use in applications where one party desires a paper copy of the document, while the other desires the benefits of a paperless transaction. ClipGems ink-tipped active electronic pen captures the electronic signature in real-time as the user signs in ink on the page. ClipGems paper-sized digitizer enables users to sign anywhere on a full page form without requiring any special alignment or orientation. Topaz's SigPlus software suite is bundled at no additional charge for a complete electronic signature solution.

All Topaz products come bundled with powerful-software tools and support for the capture, encryption, and authentication of electronic signatures. All software updates are licensed for use with Topaz Tablets at no extra charge and can be downloaded from the Topaz website.


  1. Nice article about the product ClipGem about the features that it provide.From this detail this product really seam very nice.I am sure that I'll give it a try in coming days.I agree that All Topaz products come with powerful-software tools.That is why I like them
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