Thursday, April 8, 2010

MT2070-SD0D62370WR - Motorola MT2070 Barcode Scanner-Symbol $970 List Price


The challenges for small to mid-sized retailers

With brick and mortar stores, catalogs and online shopping, today’s consumer has more options than ever before — and as a result, competition in retail is reaching historic highs. In order to compete and retain margins, the small to mid-size retailer must improve efficiency throughout all areas of the operation. Fewer employees need to be able to handle an increased workload to help contain staffing costs. Inventory management must be improved in order to ensure the:
  • More timely re-ordering of the right products to prevent costly out-of-stocks — and lost sales
  • Increase in inventory turns required to improve your product offering — yet reduce inventory carrying costs
  • Prompt restocking of the products out on the retail floor —ensuring that your customers can quickly and easily find what they need on your store shelves
  • Prompt markdowns to incent sales of seasonal and other items as well as compete with competitor promotional campaigns
While mobile technology and automated data capture offer compelling ways to effectively improve employee productivity as well as inventory visibility and management, there are numerous technologies, data types and business processes involved. There are 1D and 2D bar codes utilized to track inventory as well as EAS tags for security.

To maximize the benefits of these technologies, employees must be able to scan bar codes and deactivate EAS tags throughout the retail environment — from the warehouse and receiving dock to the aisles of your store and the point of sale (POS). But with this multitude of job functions and data types, how can small to mid-sized retailers afford storewide automated data capture?
 More Information can be found here: MT-2070

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