Wednesday, January 27, 2010

 Honeywell HHP TT8500

The revolutionary Transaction Team 8500. This state-of -the-art terminal offers unrivaled power, versatility, and value. POS payments, EBT, signature capture, and in-lane, targeted communications are enabled by the TT8500's fast processor and proven development environment. The TT8500 comes standard with features that are not available or cost extra with other terminals. Powered USB, 4MB flash, 16MB of RAM, and a 3-track magnetic stripe card reader are standard.

Ideal for applications at the point of sale, the service desk or in the pharmacy, the TT8500 provides an ideal solution for payment processing and signature capture, as well as targeted in-lane communications through its vibrant display.

  • Simple Payment Processing:  Bi-directional, three-track card reader ensures easy and accurate card reading.
  • Small Design:  Requires minimal valuable counter space.
  • Large, Easy-to-Use Display:  Color or monochrome screen is easy to read and provides true finger-touch navigation.
  • Built to Endure High-Traffic Retail Environments:  A passive stylus and field-replaceable screen protector make the TT8500 easier and less expensive to maintain.

We have a kit put together TT8501P-CEUEKITE that is on sale until the end of February. This is a blog only sale. Take $50 off our already low price. Just mention you saw the TT8500 on the  POSsavings Blog.

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